Hi!  Welcome to Stronghold Remodeling and Josiah's page about remodeling a Kitchen in Boise, Idaho.  You are probably here because you are looking for some basic information about remodeling, such as how much does it cost?  How much time does a bathroom remodel take?  Can I use my bathroom while remodeling? and Where do I start?   If these are some of your questions, then you might have come to the right place!  Following is my brief FAQ and some links if you want to explore further.

Bathroom Remodeling FAQ:

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

    Midrange Minor Kitchen Remodel:  $17,206

    Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel:  $50,250

    Upscale Major Kitchen Remodel:  $102,091

Source:  Remodeling Magazine averages for Boise area 2013. (Have to download to see prices for Boise and description of the projects).

The download will have information on what exactly they are pricing out for each of these remodels.  The project can very by quite a bit.  The only way to get an exact price for your project would be to finalize a design and  gather all the costs (This is what we do ;) !

How Much Time Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

For a basic bathroom renovation we usually spend two and a half weeks.  Master bathrooms can easily go for 4 weeks or more depending on the details. 

Can I Use My Bathroom While Remodeling?

Depending on which aspects of the bathroom we are changing we can leave some elements working.  The toilet being the easiest to have functioning for most of the time.  Once you have a schedule for the job you can plan to use the gym, another bathroom for those weeks or go on vacation.

Where Do I Start?

My favorite place to start is by looking at pictures to find what you want the finished space to look like (see design resources link). 

Once you know what you want or want to have a designer involved is when you might want to give us a call.  

Our initial consultation is simply a series of questions to help you figure out the best fit for your remodel.  We help answer these questions:

Will my house support the investment? 

Will my budget get me the bathroom I want? 

Do I want to run the project myself or hire a contractor? 

Not all clients are a fit for Stronghold and we are not a fit for everyone.  We want to be seen as a consultant who always has your best interests as first priority.


The following links will help you go more in depth:  

Remodeling Basic Costs

       Averages for a variety of projects in the Boise, area collected by Remodeling magazine. This is a cost vs value report and requires some information to get the download. 

Remodeling Design Resources

    Here is a page with a lot of links to my favorite online resources of photographs of great remodeling projects. 

Local Remodeling Resources

   If you want to go shopping and look at showrooms locally, these are my favorites,

Online Remodeling Shopping Resources

    Here is where I go to shop online (lights, hardware and fixtures)