How much does a remodel cost?

The prices are very dependent on the type of project and the value of components.  However, Remodeling magazine has a very helpful list of average prices for a variety of projects.  Following I break out Bathrooms, Kitchens, Attic Conversion and Additions and then give the link to explore all the options. 

   Midrange Bathroom Remodel:  $14,367

   Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel: $50,258

   Midrange Family Room Addition: $71,527

   Midrange Attic Conversion:  $42,664

Source:  Remodeling Magazine averages


Boise area 2013. (Have to download to see prices for Boise and description of the projects).

The download will have information on what exactly they are pricing out for each of these remodels.  The project can vary by quite a bit. 

I do free initial consultations and can usually give a rough guess on the pricing
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