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Remodeling Priorities
Remodeling Priorities
I want to understand all costs on my project am willing to assume some of the risk in the final cost.
I want a firm price and don't need to see the details on costs
I need an accurate price that includes all my selections and I am willing to pay for the plan to be created.
I only need a rough budget and understand the price will change based on the selections I make.
Resale value is important to me.
I am interested in seeing remodeling solutions that fit within my budget.
I want a great remodeling solution for my home regardless of cost - I want what I want.
I want to self-perform work to get more money for my job.
I prefer high end materials and products (Stone countertops, hardwood/tile floors, tile shower, heated floors).
It is important to me that the level of craftsmanship that goes into construction is the highest possible quality.
I want the jobsite to be clean and for dust to be contained.
Quality is more important to me than quantity and I'm willing to do my project in phases.
A trained professional manages the day to day operations of my project.
I don't want to have to answer sub-contractor questions on a daily basis regarding my project.
I am provided with a written schedule that I can follow as my project progresses.
My project finishes on schedule.