Hi!  Welcome to Stronghold Remodeling and Josiah's page about Remodeling Ideas for Boise Idaho.  This page has some general guidelines for gathering the information you want to have at the forefront when searching for ideas about the best remodeling project for you. 


The cost effectiveness of projects is often a big concern, the design element is the next hurdle and planning the remodel is very important.

Getting Ideas for a Remodel is often the hardest part.  Every idea depends on several constraints (many of which you might not have the answer to).


These constraints usually come to you in the form of questions: 

Is this a bearing wall?   Will my house fall down if I just demo it? 

These cabinets are in pretty good shape, can we carefully remove them and reinstall in a better configuration?

How much would it cost to do X vs Y?

Remodeling is a pain, should I just move? 

And on and on...


If ths is happening to you, I have a couple simple suggestions that might help.


1.  Define the Constraints.

What HAS to change in order for the project to be a success.

What is the budget you are willing to spend. 

What will the finished space make you feel?

How will the changes effect & affect your current routine.

What are the unknowns and how can we shine light upon them. 


2.  Needs vs Wants

Take a paper and draw a line right down the middle, label one side needs and the other wants.  Start writing down what goals the remodel needs to fix and address and what goals you WANT the remodel to address.  This enables you to make sure the final project focuses on the right stuff!  You should never eliminate a needs component to make room for something that you just want.


3.  Aesthetics

The best looking space loses it's sparkle and grows resentment if it doesn't function well.  That is why I always suggest making sure the space planning, workflow and accessibility are identified and valued before moving onto the look and feel of the final space.  One of the best ways to communicate how you want the space to look and feel is by picking our pictures to share with your designer.

Check out my Online Design Resources for a lot of links to picture centric sites on the internet.


The following links will help you go more in depth:  

Remodeling Basic Costs

       Averages for a variety of projects in the Boise, area collected by Remodeling magazine. This is a cost vs value report and requires some information to get the download. 

Remodeling Design Resources

    Here is a page with a lot of links to my favorite online resources of photographs of great remodeling projects. 

Local Remodeling Resources

   If you want to go shopping and look at showrooms locally, these are my favorites,

Online Remodeling Shopping Resources

    Here is where I go to shop online (lights, hardware and fixtures)  

DIY Remodeling Class

    This a monthly class that I train to go over the process of being a general contractor for your own project.