We certainly hope that you are happy with the products and service you received throughout your recent remodeling project. Your honest evaluation and comments will help us to assess overall customer satisfaction and improve upon the delivery of our services. Please feel free to use names, if appropriate, so that we may praise or counsel as necessary. Each and every member of the Stronghold Remodeling Management Team will review this evaluation sheet and your unedited comments, and copies will be provided to our field crews as appropriate. We encourage you to offer comments regarding the operation of our company and the products and service provided. We would be especially interested in your comments regarding the conduct and professionalism of the various personnel with whom you had contact during this project. Thank you!!!

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1. Did our telephone staff greet you courteously?
2. Were our people friendly and consistently courteous?
3. If no one was available to speak to you regarding your project, did you receive a follow-up call from our staff within 48 hours?
4. Were we able to arrange an appointment to meet with you, to look at the work desired, within a reasonable amount of time?
5. Was the appearance of our staff professional?
6. Regarding the work requested, did you feel that all of your options and their potential costs were explained clearly?
7. Was the quote you received an adequate reflection of the work requested?
Was the quote you received clearly written, free of ambiguities, and easy to understand?
9. Did the project start when promised?
10. Was the project completed on time?
11. Did the lead carpenter and/or project manager keep you apprised of the status of your project?
12. Was our daily and final clean up and care for your property performed to your satisfaction?
13. Were all invoicing activities handled politely and professionally?
14. Was your billing clear with no surprises?
15. Were communications satisfactory during this project?
16. Were your questions and concerns addressed promptly?
17. Were you confident in the ability of your lead carpenter?
18. Was the work finished to your complete satisfaction?
19. Did we meet your expectations?
20. How would you rate the quality of the Stronghold team?
21. How would you rate the quality of work performed?
22. Would you consider using Stronghold Remodeling for your next renovation?
23. Will you recommend us to your family and friends?
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